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Excel Version



It has Buyers, Sellers and Performance Tabs


This is a customized end of the day screener created on the concept of NimblrTA



It updates each day at 18:45

Has Data signals from 12/06/2017 (day of inception)



  • BOD is breakout with strength for the day,
  • BOW is breakout with strength for (n-5) days.
  • CCIBO indicates CCI crosses 100.
  • EMABO indicates the alignments of EMA i.e. EMA5 > EMA21 > EMA55. 
  • Gives signals for Buy and Sell
  • The screener depicts the stocks where a fresh trend begins
  • Performance can be tracked at http://kkonline.org/screener/count.html 



  • Trigger indicates the price at the first instance when the stock got screened by the system
  • Date indicates the date at the first instance when the stock got screened by the system
  • Count indicates the number of times since inception the stock has screened by the system (more the hits more is the bullishness in general)


Usage Example



Refer to PGEL on chart below, this was screened by the system on 18/01/2018




Comments (2)

Siddharth Khunteta said

at 12:54 pm on Mar 17, 2018

Screener for Mar 16, 2018 is showing Ester with BOD as 1.
BOD means Breakout with strength for the day. Whereas Ester did not have a candle with BH>50%CH on daily timeframe. What does strength mean here ?

Siddharth Khunteta said

at 1:02 pm on Mar 17, 2018

Fresh CCI BO - Indicates CCI 34 > 100 on daily ?
On running the screener for Mar 16, 2018, its showing ACE with Fresh CCI BO as 1. Whereby, CCI has not crossed 100 on daily.
Please plug the gap in understanding.

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