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NimblrTA now available on TradingView platform


Free Tradingview account is a minimum requirement for the Indicator to work


There are 3 indicators available as licensed (all are independently charged and can co-exist with each other)

  • 1) TinyIC [1500 INR]
  • 2) ICMC Breakout (Includes TinyIC) [2500 INR]
  • 3) ICMC Breakout Screener (A screener, live for 100 stocks) [1500 INR]


The indicators shall be provided as is, future upgrades will be charged based on time and effort basis along with the features introduced.

The upgrades are completely optional and you may wish to remain on the version you have already installed.


TinyIC Tradingview Indicator


Link to TinyIC Strategy: https://youtu.be/ggjp59eJ08w


TinyIC Indicator is now available for Tradingview

Code Update: 19/12/2020

Coded By: Twitter: @krishnakhanna

Concept: Twitter: @deishma


Version 2.0




  • TinyIC Detection
  • Provides Targets (Bull and Bear Side)
  • Provides Stoploss (Bull and Bear Side)
  • Revised code for CS
  • pSAR Detected
  • HTF and LTF Zizag
  • H/L Labels available for wave identification
  • Strength Candle Detection
  • Optimized for work on all time frames and all segments
  • Visual levels for quick trades


Details For License to the Indicator: https://www.cashfree.com/product/6632


Video For Introduction and Usage:


Weekly Analysis with TinyIC Indicator: https://www.youtube.com/embed/j6c8xLhCarY


Snap Shots: https://twitter.com/krishnakhanna/status/1336691816008040449?s=20



ICMC Breakout Tradingview Indicator



ICMC Breakout Tradingview Indicator is now available

Code Update: 09/01/2021

Coded By: Twitter: @krishnakhanna

Concept: Twitter: @deishma

Version: 2.0.0


  • ICMC Breakouts Live Detection on charts
  • Stop Loss for ICMC Breakouts
  • Target for ICMC Breakouts
  • Retest/Beach Trade/Target/Stop Loss Indication
  • Arrow Indication For Entry for Bull and Bear Side
  • Automarks for easy Understanding
  • TinyIC Detection
  • Revised code for CS (multiple candles)
  • Provides Targets (Bull and Bear Side)
  • Provides Stoploss (Bull and Bear Side)
  • pSAR Detected
  • HTF and LTF Zizag
  • H/L Labels available for wave identification
  • Strength Candle Detection
  • Optimized for work on all time frames
  • Visual levels for quick trades
  • HSL Introduction
  • Multiple candle shunting
  • User Customizations - Color, Offset, Tooltip View, Label count and more

For License Booking: License Booking at https://www.cashfree.com/product/6780




ICMC Breakout Tradingview Indicator Preview: https://www.youtube.com/embed/fKUiPk040Oo


ICMC Breakout Tradingview Indicator Preview (Hindi): https://www.youtube.com/embed/PeHyOkv9RRs


Upgrade Features (Version 2.0.0)


ICMC Breakout Screener For Tradingview


Code Update: 14/01/2021

Coded By: Twitter: @krishnakhanna

Concept: Twitter: @deishma


Version 1.0



  • Live Detection Of ICMC Breakouts
  • Works On All Time Frames and Symbols
  • Easy pagination
  • Provides CCI Values
  • Supports 100 symbols in a watchlist
  • Fast, easy and simple



Demo: https://youtu.be/ByTeA1mUgFQ



Booking: https://www.cashfree.com/product/6982




Important Note/Terms of Usage:

1) The Tradingview Indicators are licensed and shall be installed on the Tradingview account.

2) License is valid for only one Tradingview account.

3) You can upgrade from TinyIC Indicator to ICMC Breakout Indicator (which includes TinyIC as well), vice versa is not possible.

4) All Indicators / Upgrades are optional, if you are happy with the current indicators, you can continue to use it.

5) Once the Indicator is setup, it's a completion of the processing against the amount received.

6) Incase the user removes/deletes or tampers with the indicator, it will require a re-setup AFTER the setup charges are paid.

7) Each time the re-setup is done, it invites a charge for the same. Link for re-setup is https://www.cashfree.com/product/3028


Tradingview Free Scripts For NimblrTA 



1) CCI MTF [Free]

2) NimblrTA - ORB Formation With Fibo Targets [Free]

3) Strength Candles And Gaps [Free]

4) Panchang Time Slots [Free]

5) ORB BHCH [Free]


Support For Free/Licensed Tradingview Indicators

In case you want support to setup the same, please raise a request with confirming the setup charges on https://www.cashfree.com/product/3028


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