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NimblrTA now available on TradingView platform


First Time Users:

Incase you are new to Tradingview platform, please go through the online videos for a quick overview: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tradingview+overview



Custom Indicators are available at: https://in.tradingview.com/scripts/search/krishnakhanna/


NimblrTA Indicator (For Intraday): https://in.tradingview.com/script/RpnnYMIr-NimblrTA/


Code written by Krishna Khanna on 04/11/2017 and includes the following components


This indicator will draw the following



CCI-8 on 5 minutes
CCI-34 on 5 minutes
CCI-34 on 30 minutes interval on 5 minutes

2) Strength Candle Detection
This will put a * over any strength candle.

3) EMA
This will plot EMA 5, EMA 21 and EMA 55 curves on the candlestick chart.

4) Panchang Time
Includes Pre-open and 4 timeslots

5) ORB Logic
ORBH and ORBL are plotted

6) Fibonacci Levels
Levels 0.618, 1 and 1.618 are plotted

7) Highest High and Lowest Low Strength Candles detected with CCI > 100 and CCI< -100 and indicated by CCI_BO_B and CCI_BO_S


Intraday Setup

For intraday, You can use the following indicators: NimblrTA + MTF CCI + ZigZag



Unmerge down the CCI MTF to show in a new pane




Add as an indicator


Highest High is true, while CCI_BO_B is false (CCI_34_30 is not > 100)


Use NimblrTA to create live alerts



Incase the charts gets cluttered after adding the indicators, ensure you use the Scale Price Chart Only as a setting (available in bottom right corner)


Static data for MTF CCI Indicator can be due to use of ticker(stock only) instead of tickerid (stock+exchange)




Positional Setup

For Positional: You can use the following indicators: (orb_bhch_ema_5_21_55 + CCI(8) + CCI(34) + Zigzag) OR (ORB_BHCH_Combined + CCI(8) + CCI(34) + Zigzag)


The new indicator ORB_BHCH_Combined is available with Gap Detection Code as indicated below




Add as an Indicator


Strength Candles With Gaps

The following indicator is available and can be used to detect strength candles and gaps.

It is more suitable for small screen devices to view charts on the go and assess the breakouts





Access https://in.tradingview.com/screener/


Click on filter button (below image has 4 in blue written on it)


Create the screener strategy, then save it and give a friendly name.


Once the screener is created, update the alert strategy as depicted below:

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