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Why CCI8 and CCI34


CCI Assessment


Thumb Rule

Momentum time is 1/3rd Accumulation time


Intraday Usage

It means CCI 34 30min takes into consideration almost 2.72 days of price movement of stock.





Qn: Can we use CCI(204) 5mins instead of CCI(34) 30mins?

Ans: Theorotically, Yes; however it depends on the software and the way the code is written.


Netdania - Mobile App (Netdania, the mobile app passes the tests CCI204 on 5mins charts didn't cross -100!)

Investing.com  fails the test, CCI204 5mins crosses -100 while CCI34 30mins remains around 32


Tradingview fails this test, CCI34 30mins is -93 while CCI204 5 mins is -123


Tradingview custom indicator

It works perfectly fine with the custom MTF indicators. CCI 34 30mins touched -93.02. Also the value changes, unlinke in your case. Reason is click on source for MTF and change ticker (stock only) to tickerid (stock + exchange)


Qn: The 'inside box' no cci cycle found for it, just base levels


Ans: Within first box - You will never get a strong crossover. But due to the way CCI calculations are , the first bud is the indication.

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