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Page history last edited by NimblrTA 2 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to NimblrTA


NimblrTA simplifies Japanese Candlestick and links them with a simple Rule BH:CH Rule for identifying Tops/Bottom and even for Breakouts Theory. Plus the versatility of MTF CCI.


Below mentioned are some of the key focus areas which needs to be used during NimblrTA


  • Star above Strength Candle
  • Adding 5/21/55 ema to the already well known Golden Cross
  • Selection of CCI period 34
  • Use of MTF
  • Classifying Candles as Breakout and Non-Breakaout and the Rule connecting them
  • Fixing SL's
  • Use of KP astro Sub-Sub Time Periods as Intra Day Time Cycles
  • Momentum to Accumulation Time Thumb Rule
  • Targets based on Strength Candles
  • Intra Day Margin to DTR co-relation
  • Return on Margins than RR for Entry's
  • Based on Fibonacci concept for retracements and targets
  • Zigzag used to indicate Elliot Waves and its long time trend with wedge identification and other patterns.




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