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NimblrTA is used to identify the score of a stock.

Following information is taken into account for score calculation are various components of NimblrTA, these are assessed on multiple timeframes to evaluate the health of the stock.


Some basic components like Strength, Alignment, CCI, EMA, pSAR and so on guide us in the process for score evaluation.


Feel free to read and explore the components one by one at https://twitter.com/krishnakhanna/status/1184144834719703043?s=20


#INFY and #HINDUNILVR got additional points for reversal (Fresh alignment - TGC)



NimblrTA EOD Screener Results and Score co-relation:


RRG Implementation based on NimblrTA Score:
The concept of NimblrTA is extended to calculate the scores for NIFTY50 stocks each day and use RRG to indicate their placements w.r.t. scores obtained.
Link to understand RRG Basics: http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:chart_analysis:rrg_charts


Below is an example of RRG posted on twitter each day.


Link: http://kkonline.org/screener/rrg.php



Each quadrant has a score, stock name and an arrow

Up arrow ↑ indicates score has increased w.r.t. (n-1) day.

Down arrow ↓ indicates score has decreased w.r.t. (n-1) day.

Sideways arrow ↔ indicates score remained same w.r.t. (n-1) day.

The symbol ♠ in front of INFY in this example indicates that it freshly moved to Quadrant 1 w.r.t. (n-1) day, implies it was in another quadrant on n-1 day and on n day it moved to Q1. 


The below RRG for INFY shows the co-relation of the special symbol ♠ and it meaning, where INFY moved from Quadrant 2 (sequence number [12] on 05/07/2018) to Quadrant 1(sequence number [13] on 06/07/2018)


RRG For a particular stock: http://kkonline.org/screener/rrg_stock.php?stock=SUNPHARMA

You can replace SUNPHARMA with any NIFTY symbol to get it's daily tracking w.r.t. RRG

This indicates the stock, score on the respective dates and it's placement w.r.t RRG

The number in the square brackets are to indicate the sequence of events, (highest is the latest), in this example [12] is latest data as on 06/07/2018.

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