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NimblrTA is used to identify the score of a stock, indices, commodities and other instruments.

Different components of NimblrTA are taken into account for score calculation, these are assessed on multiple timeframes to evaluate the health of the instrument.


Some basic components like Strength, Alignment, CCI, EMA, pSAR and so on guide us in the process for score evaluation.


Feel free to read and explore the components one by one at https://twitter.com/krishnakhanna/status/1184144834719703043?s=20


#INFY and #HINDUNILVR got additional points for reversal (Fresh alignment - TGC)



NimblrTA EOD Screener Results and Score co-relation:


RRG Implementation based on NimblrTA Score:
The concept of NimblrTA is extended to calculate the scores for and use RRG to indicate their placements w.r.t. scores obtained.
Link to understand RRG Basics: http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:chart_analysis:rrg_charts


Below is an example of RRG view with stcosk in different quadrants.


The colors on the RRG indicates

  • Green (Bullish) - TCS, KOTAKBANK, INFY etc
  • Orange (Ready for Cat Bounce) - TECHM, CIPLA, ITC etc
  • Blue (Losing the Fizz) - TITAN, LT, SBIN
  • Red (Bearish) - ONGC, TATAMOTORS


HEALTH of the instrument by placing them on the RRG Quadrant based on the Score evaluated by NimblrTA Components




Each quadrant has a score, stock name and an arrow

Up arrow ↑ indicates score has increased w.r.t. (n-1) day.

Down arrow ↓ indicates score has decreased w.r.t. (n-1) day.

Sideways arrow ↔ indicates score remained same w.r.t. (n-1) day.

The symbol ♠ in front of INFY in this example indicates that it freshly moved to Quadrant 1 w.r.t. (n-1) day, implies it was in another quadrant on n-1 day and on n day it moved to Q1. 


In the RRG view INFY shows the co-relation of the special symbol ♠ and it meaning, where INFY moved from Quadrant 2 (sequence number [12] on 05/07/2018) to Quadrant 1(sequence number [13] on 06/07/2018)


This way we use the RRG and Movement of instrument to track

1. Fresh Movement to Q1 RRG - Blooming and ready with fresh momentum (example https://twitter.com/krishnakhanna/status/1697820819169435732?s=20 )

2. Increasing score for instrumets, indicating the steady gradual upside movement (example https://twitter.com/krishnakhanna/status/1597612197538324481?s=20 )

3. Instruments with Score 14-24 are great ones and can be ready for a pullback


Fresh Movement to Q1 RRG 


Increasing Score & Score between 14-24


The same method of score can be used to:

Compare instruments in same sector (TCS, INFY, MASTEK)

Compare differnt sectors (FMCG, AUTO, IT etc)

Compare instruments (USOIL, GOLD, SILVER, BONDS)


Since it uses the same mechanism for score calculation, it gauges the instruments uniformly and results help to know which is better placed or improving, or lagging


Related Threads

1. Analysis iof Sector (https://twitter.com/krishnakhanna/status/1604076393641709568?s=20 )


RRG/Score Related Tools

NimblrTA CCI helps put the RRG and Score on Tradingview Indicator which works live 

Access: https://kkonline.org/nimblrta



Querybuilder provides Scores and RRG view along with other relevant details to help assessment for Entries and Exits

This helps for investment and Positiuonal picks with customizable filters as per user needs.


It integrates #RRG and #NimblrTA #Score system to assess the stocks.


  • Web Based 
  • Provides Targets / Stop Loss
  • Provides Scores/RRG
  • Includes #Querybuilder #Bot 


Video Preview: https://youtu.be/Lrl9HxSB-0Y




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